A Legacy of Service

A mini documentary featuring Albert Lemke as well as historical photos and memories around the Lemke family military service during WWII (Albert being the last surviving member of the family who served). His grandfather Julius Lemke (see image) was a Prussian Cavalry man who immigrated to America in the 1870's. His descendents have gone on to serve America in every conflict since Julius' arrival. World War II saw 10 of his grandchildren serving, one giving his life.

Image: Julius Lemke

Dakota 38

In honor of the lifelong mission of Prairie Island Community leader Amos Owen to commemorate the lives of the 38 Dakota men hanged at Mankato in 1862, Duane A. Owen and Brighid Films have committed to partnering on a feature-length documentary on these men, the times they lived in and the survival of their families and their culture. Our goals are to grant the viewer a sense of atmosphere in Minnesota at the time of the Dakota Uprising, to give a sense of the vitality of the Dakota culture that survives through to today and finally to promote reconciliation.

Read Proposal (PDF 40K)
Need Acrobat Reader go here.

Image: White Buffalo statue at Reconciliation Park, Mankato, MN

Colin Devlin (EPK)

In production on Colin Devlin electronic press kit. Check back in the months to come for updates and video.

Image: photo from www.thedevlins.com

JoAnna James (EPK)

Made up of equal parts soul, folk and blues, JoAnna James is a gifted singer/songwriter from St. Paul, Minnesota whose live performances leave her audiences longing for more. The way she wails would make Motown proud. Her delicate phrasings would have made Nina Simone grin. Her heartfelt performances would elicit a knowing wink from Bonnie Raitt. Whether singing in a sultry whisper or a gale-force wail, JoAnna James was born with "a voice guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up" (Pulse of the Twin Cities).

Image: photo by Steve Cohen

Chris Koza (EPK)

Deep into autumn of 2004 and unbeknownst to most, Chris released his debut album "Exit Pesce" in band mates Pete and Justin's apartment on Chicago Avenue. Chris personally catered the party with cases of Black Label, pierogies, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches - cut into little triangles sans crusts. It wasn't until early the following year when a little blurb by Rob van Alstyne of the Pulse was printed before anyone really took notice of the album. "An under-the-radar-music-stunner- phenomenon" is what he called it. Since then, the album has gone on to be coerced into the ears of many a listener thanks to many nice folks, 89.3 the Current, and friends of friends.

Image: photo by Anna Koza

Silence (Feature Screenplay)

Silence is a small budget feminine perspective Cyrano de Bergerac story featuring a young woman named Sarah who has survived child abuse by creating a vivid inner life. As an adult Sarah writes what she feels but has chosen to no longer say. She has mastered the art of invisibility so the world can no longer harm her until she notices an artist living across the street. She watches from her window as he creates… his sensual rhythm springing her imagination. She pictures him painting her back into reality and what being accepted by him might be like. She watches him struggle to find a muse by dating a bevy of classically beautiful women while ultimately failing to be inspired by a single one. When her boss, a beautiful woman, discovers Sarah's abilities with prose she negotiates the use to win the artists heart. Sarah then watches as her art now inspires the artist. The yang of which is her jealousy as she watches a relationship bloom between the two. Her boss knows the love of her life is in love with someone else's soul. The house of cards eventually falls leaving Sarah wanting to finally speak to sooth the pain her prose have caused the people she cares about.
Final Draft Award Winner (2nd place) at the 2000 Edmonds International Film Festival in Washington.

Image: Scanned cover of screenplay

Work as: 3graces Media - MN

Live at the Ave (DVD)

October 12, 2002 First Avenue, Minneapolis MN concert featuring Hothouse Flowers with Colin Devlin. Captured the best whole show of the 10 concerts recorded during the "road movie" project that turned into Scenes from a Tour. If you haven't caught these musicians live yet, what are you waiting for?
DVD on sale through band only.

Image: photo by Patti Monaghen

Scenes from a Tour

An intimate look at independent Irish band Hothouse Flowers and friend/tour-mate Colin Devlin as they careen around the States on tour. A passionate portrait comprised of stellar performances, offstage antics, true fans and friends, personal reflections, and the cast of characters that inhabit the Flowers' tour bus.
It premiered at the Sound Unseen Festival in Minneapolis, MN and played at the Boston Irish Film Festival, October, 2004.
The clip viewable on this website is a compilation from the feature length documentary. It's primarily the backstage bits & stories that give you a sense of these fantastic artists and some of their amazing fans.

Image: photo by Patti Monaghen

Burning Man Through Irish Eyes

A documentary short featuring a group of Irish men and women who bring their plentiful culture… and a pub to the middle of the desert. They share some inspiring music from Hothouse Flowers, gift away beer and attempt to change a few perceptions. The Burning Man community forms and dissolves without a trace a week later every year. This year's theme of "beyond belief" gave the perfect opportunity to explore the importance of myth and ritual in our daily lives especially while surrounded by folks celebrating art and individuality in this group setting.
The documentary short was created for the Mythic Journeys Conference in June of 2004 where it was screened twice.

photo by Lukewarm Productions

Work as: Ambitiously In Debt Productions

Influence (1995)

A twisted trying to get out of love story.
Played at the 11th short film market at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival 1996 (France).

Image: photo by Ambitiously In Debt Productions